EMC - The climate protection token

Climate Change is probably the biggest challenge for humanity in the 21st Century. The key to throttle global warming is to enlarge climate-neutral energy production. Many sustainable technology-based projects are in the development or implementation phase. That helps, but the real question is how to get a sufficient number of consumers to use the products which were produced exclusively with green energy. 

For this, consumers must have substantial trust in the companies offering those goods. But there is another solution to the problem. Our answer to this question is the establishment of an energy currency called the eMobility Coin (EMC), a digital currency which functions as a “seal of approval” for climate-neutral energy production. Further, consumers can support climate protection through purchase of climate-neutral energy produced goods using EMC digital currency.

Climate protection and tokenisation go hand in hand

With the EMC - the climate protection token - we contribute to climate protection and equally advance tokenization in the energy and mobility sectors.

The innovation of digital currencies offers the development of completely new control and incentive systems that can be used to consistently address consumer behavior. In our view, this is the most important basis for successful climate protection, alongside the provision of renewable energy.

The EMC is the digital currency for renewable energies and climate protection. All products and services that can be paid for with the EMC in the future will contain climate-neutral energy or support climate protection in other ways. Consumers who use the EMC can thus be sure that they are purchasing climate-neutral energy or other climate-neutral products and services, while at the same time benefiting from special advantages such as stable prices per kilowatt-hour or rebates for loyal behavior, etc.

For more details about the climate protection token and investment opportunities see: www.emc-token.com